We exist to humbly serve our clients as we provide the best care available for all people. Zion Medical Group began in October of 2014 with a mission to bring care and compassion to hospitalized patients.  This mission was born out of a lack of empathy, compassion, and love in the healthcare delivery system.

We have a vision for healthcare delivery systems that bring back the human touch and personal connection, allowing us to bring healing to the body and the soul. We achieve this vision by focusing on building a team of amazing people who happen to be healthcare providers.

Our Mission

Zion Medical Group is on a mission to humbly serve our clients with our unique , God-given gifts, talents and skills as we provide the best care available for all people.

Our Vision

Our vision at ZION is to model a culture of quality, humility, loyalty and integrity in the delivery of healthcare services.

Our Values

At Zion Medical Group, we operate through the following core values:


We intentionally serve everyone we work with – our physicians, our facilities, and our patients.

We have an ‘Own It’ Mentality – never treating a challenge or adversity as if it’s not our problem.

We believe in innovation, communication, education, motivation and appreciation for our staff and clients.

We never give up.

Healthcare is so much more than just business.

As medical professionals, we make a daily choice to provide the best care to our patients in the midst of business and operational challenges that sometimes have little to do with the practice of medicine.

Zion exists to cut through the noise and leverage our God-given talents to deliver the best care ever to all people every time.

Meet Our Leadership Team

a.k.a. “The Z5”

Obinna Egbo, MD FHM FAAP & Chinwe Egbo, MD FHM FAAP

Rajnikanth Ravula, MD

David Quick, Phd DO

Vipul Ganatra, MD

At Zion Medical Group we are dedicated to delivering extraordinary healthcare solutions to both healthcare providers and healthcare organizations.




3800 S. Alma School Rd. Suite 112, Chandler, AZ 85248